About Event

Welcome to the 2nd Operationalize: Expanded Access Programs - the Conference with Practical Answers

The 2nd Operationalize: Expanded Access Programs is the response to the industry’s plea for greater understanding and clarity regarding the end-to-end management of running a treatment-led EAP. With every speaker sharing the same desire to increase the success, ease, and treatment options for patients in need, ensure that you are part of this voice.

This is your only opportunity to learn from large pharma, leading biotech’s and patient advocates all in the same room, allowing in-depth discussions on key topics such as:

Organizing the logistical supply and demand of products across multiple borders depending on product needs and country-specific guidelines

Considering how internal collaboration can maximize Expanded Access Program success

Taking away key lessons when from the EU, US, and LATAM landscape for EAP regulatory navigation

Understanding the ethical considerations to ensure the EAP remains transparent, fair, and treatment-oriented.

As the demand for compassionate/managed access programs becomes an ever-expected avenue for drug acquisition, join us to further your understanding of how to set up, operationalize, communicate, deliver, and close out your altruistic program without running into ethical, financial, or distributional challenges.